Maximilan Werding: Oszillationstherapie
DEEP OSCILLATION is a unique therapeutic procedure. By using electrostatic attraction and friction, impulses are generated which pleasantly vibrate the treated tissue, exerting a deep biological effect. In contrast to other forms of therapy, these vibrations work extremely gently while penetrating deep into all tissue structures (skin, conductive tissue, subcutaneous adipose tissue, muscles and blood and lymph vessels).
Clinically-documented effect:
  • pain reduction
  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • oedema resorption
  • promoted healing of wounds
  • anti-fibrotic effect
  • improved trophism
  • reduced reddening of skin
  • detoxification
  • improved tissue quality

Treatment of traumata and excessive strain.
Pre- and postoperative therapy.
After-training care and performance stabilisation.

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