Complete Decongestive Therapy

Manual lymphatic drainage – the concept behind complete physical decongestion.

Based on:
  • Winiwarter's principles and
  • a set of scientifically based and technically optimised tissue decongestion manoeuvres and compression techniques.
The alignment of the manoeuvres used will depend on:
  • the diagnosis of the illness,
  • the body area being treated and the lymphatic "watershed" regions,
  • the drainage direction,
  • the feasibility of drainage,
  • possible anastomosis via the lymphatic watersheds.
The compression techniques used will depend on:
  • the diagnosis of the illness,
  • the stage of the illness,
  • the requirements of day-to-day therapy.
The objectives are:
  • an improved lymph transport capacity
  • decongested areas of the body
  • freedom from pain
  • improved motor function of non-striated muscles of the lymph vessels
  • regeneration of lymph vessels at sites of interruption
  • shift in the equilibrium in the autonomic nervous system towards the parasympathetic system
Manual lymphatic drainage is an indispensable medical technique that is used in all specialised areas.

Suction wave therapy is a decompression technique that uses suction pads whose size is selected depending on the treatment required.

In the case of post-operative adhesion in joints, to support manual therapy. In colon therapy.

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