"Dry" and "Underwater" Extension

Dry extension using larger traction devices, e.g. Tru Trac® and sling treatment tables is performed in three stages:

Stage 1 Traction

Effect: loosens and overcomes cohesive forces and muscular compression forces
Application: during glide testing and lateral glide mobilisation

Stage 2 Traction and gliding

Effect: tightens the soft tissue surrounding the joint
Application: pain treatment

Stage 3 Traction and gliding:

Effect: stretches soft tissue in stressed collagen lattices
Application: mobilisation therapy

Before any of these techniques can be carried out, it is necessary to implement careful manual testing of the degree of movement to determine the locomotor status (normal, hypo- or hypermobility).

Underwater extension therapy exploits the buoyancy and the thermal stimulation provided by the aquatic environment.

Schwebelauf nach Werding
Bei der Extension im Wasserbad wird zusätzlich der Auftrieb und der Thermische Reiz des Wassers unterstützend genützt.

Extension technique using the "Werding Suspended Walking Apparatus" ®:
A unique extension method, in which the locomotor apparatus permits spinal extension while the suspended ("weightless") patient is performing upright physiologically correct movements – something that is impossible in water therapy. Suitable for the treatment of acute disorders and for rehabilitation after hip operations.

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